24 Good Deeds (24 goda gärningar)

Jenny Fagerlund


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Denmark: Palatium Books

Sweden: Norstedts


Emma loses her husband on Christmas Eve. She has a hard time coping with her new situation even though two years have passed and it’s difficult to find meaning in her life. The bad conscience is eating her up - could she have done anything different to save him?

On her way home, she bumps into a confused, old man who has become lost in the snowstorm. She decides to make sure that he gets home safely. That evening an idea is born within Emma. She is going to do 24 good deeds. One for every day until Christmas.

She had become used to being alone but during these winter days she will come to meet a large group of people who will change her life. But will her good deeds be enough to chase away the darkness that lives inside her? What will her life look like when she wakes up on Christmas eve?

24 Good Deeds is a warm, sincere and romantic story about how lonely Christmas can make you feel and how hard it is to move on.


272 pages



”A warm Feel-good novel - like a movie by Nora Ephron." - Damernas värld, Magazine


"Sorrow that turns to joy. A really great Christmas feel-good should have a mix of spiraling love with the same red color as Santa and also a tearing darkness. The same way that Emma does good deeds to count down to the days until Christmas while trying to forget her guilt and sorrow." - Tara Magazine


"The perfect mixture of seriousness and laughter" -Johannas Deckarhörna, Amelia


"Immediately when I read the title and saw the cover I thought the theme was genius for a Christmas novel...I liked the book very much and I like how Jenny Fagerlund brings it all together with the life of all these different people  in such a nice way. I warmly recommend it." - Camilla Davidsson, author


”It’s a wonderful story about moving on. If this doesn’t set the right mood for Christmas I don’t know what will. It actually got me so inspired I’m considering doing 24 good deeds myself. Imagine what a Christmas it could become! 24 Good Deeds is an inspiring, christmassy and cozy good read with a heart and soul. 4 out of 5.” Boktokig, book blog


Reader reviews: 


"24 Good Deeds is a warm, serious and romantic story about how Christmas sometimes can be lonely and how hard it is to move on. The book is well written and captured me from page one. I really feel for the main character Emma who has lost the love of her life in a tragic accident and a warm feeling comes to me when she still manages to show so much concern for the people in her surroundings. How good deeds  can heal you. 5 out 5." - Lollosbokhorna


”What a lovely book. I read it all at once and I just wanted more. I truly hope to see more from Jenny Fagerlund. I’m not even a Christmas-loving-person but I got such a nice warm feeling in my body and I really look forward to doing my own good deeds in December” - Bokigasteboken


"It has all the ingredients I could have wished for and offered both laughter and a few tears. About loneliness and friendship stretching over different generations, about helping each other and working together. A few dogs and maybe even some love. Everything a good read needs. 4+ out of 5" - Bok_stavligt


"This would make such a cozy Christmas movie. There was only one thing lacking with this book - it ended to quick! I could have easily digested plenty of more pages of this pearl. 5 out of 5" -Villivonkansbooks