The Academy Murders – 18 members 18 targets (Akademimorden)

Martin Olczak


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On the night of  May 14, 2012 the Swedish Academy’s  Secretary is shoot to death in Berzelii Park. The murder weapon turns out to be a black powder revolver from the 1860s. The very next day four more members of the Academy are shoot with the same revolver. A murderer acting in cold blood, and mercilessly.


The deed becomes world news and the police faces a murder hunt that has never been seen before in Swedish criminal history. The rest of the academy’s eighteen members are put under strict surveillance. But one by one the members are killed, in one more amazing and terrifying way than the other.


Claudia Rodriguez of the Homicide squad is the one in charge of the case, and she very quick realizes that the murders have some connection to the literary world and therefor pulls her old boyfriend the bookstore owner Leo Dorfman into the investigation. To save the remaining members of academia - and themselves - time is short…


In The Academy Murders history takes a bloody and fatal step straight into today! It is a thrilling, rich, ingenious adventure and a detective story. A narrative style, which amazing action, is reminding of Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code, a plot reminiscent of Agatha Christie's And then There Were None and a riddle, playfulness and mystery in the style of Carlos Ruiz Zafón.


The Academy Murders is a pageturner that keeps your mind working until the mystery is solved, full of intricate murder methods, hidden caverns, enigmatic writings and secrets concealed for over a hundred years.


390 pages




"Olczak has written a thrilling detective story which is stepping up the pace gradually. For the finale, he comes with a very special twist."

WDR 2 Krimi-tipping


"Magnificent, for everyone who loves a smart detective story."

Für Sie


"Olczak knows his Dan Brown, but nevertheless it’s a cruel thing to compare them, since Olczak is significantly better."

Politiken, Denmark


"Olczak keeps the speed up. The Academy Murders is an colorful entertainment of the best kind."

Jydske Veskusten, Denmark


"Enter an absorbing story from a Swedish environment rich in tradition."

Aftenbladet Stavanger, Norway


"A Swedish The Da Vinci Code."

Tønsbergs blad, Norway


"It’s a really intelligent written novel which describes an inaccessible intellectual environment. Within the Nordic crime novel tradition the book is a new and fresh breeze."

Trønder-Avisa, Norway


"The Academy Murders is a fantastic crime mystery. It is easily read, exciting and the plot is as unexpected as it is intriguing for the fantasy. With a clear and concise language Martin Olczak carries the action to its merciless end."

Bokparet, Blog


"If you like suspense, adventure, witty crime riddles, literary mysteries, fascinating characters then you have to read The Academy Murders!"


"It's a whole new genre, hardboiled and elevated. Brisk with a damned god speed, a fun and exciting read!"



"A really brilliant debut as a thriller writer!"



"A masterpiece."

Bra ljudböcker


"Real thrill! This is surprisingly adventurous!"



"The riddle has some of the characteristics from Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, but instead of religious mysteries Olczak seeks to old intrigues within the literary world. Police force’s leaders mostly seem to fight for personal glory and power that is also recognized here but Claudia Rodriguez, boxing champion and motorcycle driver and her friend the antique bookshop owner Leo is a truly odd couple in the suspense genre. Martin Olczak has actually managed to accomplish something that feels new in this literary genre."



"A spectacular, inventive and clever plot with literary background and framing. Filled with imagination and very entertaining."

Länstidningen Jämtland


"When I picked up and started reading this book, I felt immediately that I had good reading ahead of me. And how right I was. This book was hard to put down, I read it in two days. The pages and the story flowed in a such a good pace. The character that I most fell for is Leo, I really liked him. His little antique book shop seems so very cozy and I can see a clear picture in front of me how it looks . He and Claudia was a good couple as I cheered on their hunt for the killer. I think the book is well written, easy to read and interesting, it was never boring. I really like the author's style of writing . The end left a bit of hope for a continuation. Because I would love to read more about both Leo and Claudia. I really recommend you to read this novel."

Zellys bokblogg


"When Martin Olczak makes his debut as an adult writer, you find yourself thrown directly into action and the speed does not decrease during the story . The book is full of literary references and allusions, and each chapter begins with a quote from the statement of the Nobel Prize in Literature. It's exciting, easy to read - and actually quite bloodless . The end hints at a sequel, and it would be nice!"

Bokstugans blogg


"Academy Murders without clichés. In a Da Vinci code like puzzle the murderer drives the Homicide Commission’s Investigator Claudia Rodriguez forward with her friend the antique bookstore owner Leo Dorfman at her heels.The result is a detective story that makes me really happy because Olczak’s prose is varied and well-spoken , the plot is well worked and last but not least - it contains relatively few mystery cliches."

Borås Journal


"I have read several of Martin Olczak’s children's books and was curious about how his first adult novel would be. The answer is – exciting! It is a classic detective theme to have a clearly defined group that are being targeted and where people fall off one by one. Olczak’s background including scriptwriter for computer games will also show, it has pageturner speed this story ! The Academy Murders is an exciting story and is really tricky conceived."

Blandad konfekt blogspot


"The Academy Murders is a different cozy crime, provided with a suitable tickling plot, ingenious scattered clues and a touch of romance. A detective tale topped with multiple literary connections; some things authentic, some pure fantasy. A Gorgeous depiction of the environment . Add to that Martin Olczak’s playful hint of secret files, hidden urban caverns and prestigious genre mix and yet another entertaining mystery project is on stable ground."

Östgöta Correspondenten


"The result is a crime mystery that makes me really happy since Olczak’s prose is varied and rich , the plot is well constructed and last but not least – it has relatively few crime mystery clichés. The story is not overly violent but not less exciting."

Borås tidning


"This is guaranteed to be a TV series with as much puzzles and ingenious devices to solve, and as many literary winks for the authors to recognize and feel intelligent, chosen and therefore will give long applauds. What a story!"

Helsingborgs dagblad