All Parts of You (Alla delar av dig)

Charlotta von Zweigbergk

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When Elenya gets undressed to go for a swim in the ocean with Simon it has a larger meaning than any other would ever understand. No one has been allowed to see her naked since before the accident. Simon has invited seven different people out to a small island in the archipelago.


He says that he is doing research on organ donations and that it is important for them to all come at the same time. What they don't know is that Simon carries a huge secret. Something that the others notices without being able to guess why he would want them all together on the island.


This is a relationship novel about how to keep on living your life after the worst possible thing has occurred. How do you handle a new passion when you feel like you're betraying your one true love?


This is a story about passion but also human kindness, compassion and love when all things fall apart.



297 pages




A feel-good novel about death. Or maybe even a novel about how endless love can be.  Either way it is a love story that sticks out.


”All parts of you” is an emotional thriller, about love between two lovers but also about human compassion.  The novel twists and turns on thoughts about life and death while struggling to answer the question being asked: When does love become a sick obsession?"


"Wicked, lovely, important. No rules, only humans different worth. In all shapes - think Stephen King. I did!"

Lina Forss, author


"This story brings up an important subject in an unexpected way. Charlotta creates important and interesting people and destinies and she lures the reader into laughter and reflection. I don't want to stop reading"

Christina Herrström,  August nominated author