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Sweden's new West Coast crime bestselling princess

Anna Ihren

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Anna Ihrén was the girl from Stockholm who already as a child fell in love with the sea and the unique pink cliffs along the west coast. Agatha Christie's classical crime novels filled the bookshelfs at her parents home and as a teenager she started dreaming about becoming a crime writer herself. When the family moved to Gothenburg the summers by the sea became longer and the stories of adventure she got from seamen and old fishermen filled her head and her heart to the brim.


For two years she has been on her own. Writing, publishing and selling
her novels with large success. She has been signing her books for thousands of people amongst black crawling lobsters at fish auctions, at the famous Smögen quay where sailing boats and yachts from all over the world gather during summer and everywhere else where you find people celebrating their vacation.


Smögen - The setting for her thrilling stories is an old fishermen's island with salty winds and cliffs. It is genuine. It is beautiful. But evilness also appears on this paradise island.


This is Midsomer Murders in Swedish but with a touch of relaxed surf feeling. The scenery is exciting as the weather changes fast and the turquoise sea can quickly change into a dangerous inferno for the people who love the sea more than anything.


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2022 - The Stone Carrier (Stenbäraren), Thriller

2021 - The Shield Maiden (Sköldmön), Thriller

2020 - The Master (Mästaren), Thriller

2019 - The Mask Maker (Maskmakaren), Thriller

2018 - The Nightwatch (Nattvakten), Thriller

2018 - The Murders by the Ocean Audio book series

2017 - The Lighthouse Keeper (Fyrmästaren), Crime novel

2016 - The Duke of Herrings (Sillbaronen), Crime novel

2015 - The Ice Fisherman (Isfiskaren), Crime novel

2014 - The Man on the Beach (Strandsittaren), Crime novel


Author photo: Peter Bladskog

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