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Anne-Marie Schjetlein was born in Sweden raised by Norwegian parents. Her family moved around the country, from Eksjö in the south to Kiruna in the north. She has seen a lot of the Sweden she now writes about. Today she lives with her family in Stockholm. When Anne-Marie Schjetlein isn’t writing she works as a nurse, specialized in surgery and has a Master’s degree in medical care.

Anne-Marie Schjetlein has been writing her whole life but it wasn’t until she took a writers course with Johan Theorin and Maria Ernestam, that she understood she already had what she needed to complete an entire book. And the setting was never a question - she loves to depict life in a hospital. Her main interest lies in the interaction in between, how the way and place for growing up influences a person and what creates hate. The hospital gives a frame for this being a place where suffering and pain is mixed with happiness and hope. A breeding ground for strained relations, fear and conflicts.

Authors who inspire are Karin Alvtegen and Karin Wahlberg, and that points out the way towards stories with strong intricate plots and interesting psychological portrayals. Here we find no one-dimensional beasts or totally innocent victims in other words.


Anne-Marie Schjetlein about her authorship:
”We can all relate to the health care system in some way, either as a patient or as a relative or even staff member. Through personal experience I have witnessed the quick turns and sharp contrasts, within the care system, which have fascinated me. It can switch from euphoria to catastrophe within minutes which is a great reminder to the importance of living your life to the fullest. People’s background and children’s perspective are important foundations in my authorship. I don’t believe in adults! Only small and large children inside lost bodies. How much can a tough childhood damage a person? Can it feed hatred and a vendetta for revenge?”



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2019 - Death Beneath the Surface (Döden under ytan)

2017 - The Invisible Death (Döden ingen ser)

2016 - The Pale Bitter Death (Döden den bitterbleka)

2015 - Death Doesn't Mind ( Döden kvittar det lika)




Readers comment’s


"The only bad thing about this book was that it ended to fast! A real nail-biter". 5/5. Villivonkanbooks, book blog


"Thrilling, speedy and incredibly good! The history draws you in to reach it's conclusion towards the end just as a good suspense novel should. The language is good, easy to read and also contains descriptions to everyday life and its burdens which are easy to relate to. I warmly recommend it! 5/5. "- Lindas bokhylla, book blog


"What the author does so well is to get a hold on me from the very first page and she manages to keep the strong grip until the end. Simply a brilliant crime novel that contains everything you wish for."

5 out of  5

/Ylva kort och gott, blogg


"I have a new favorite author! And just as it says on the back of the book 'Just when you think it will all turn out alright and when life is on your side, that when it happens' it is really accurate" - Bokmoster, book blog

“With a well balanced mix of suspense, realistic environment and dangerous love affairs the reader is spellbound from first to last page”
Maria Wells, artist and author


"Skilful. A real page turner!" Ullas läsgodis, Book blog


"I recommend reading all three books in this series... it just gets better and better. " - Boksann , book blog


"Towards the end I'm on pins and needles" - Vargnattsbokhylla, book blog


“An impressing debut. A fascinating crime novel that easily shifts between the past and the present”
Kim M Kimselius, author


"The story differs from the rest of the Swedish crime novels. The Pale Bitter Death is a truly entertaining suspense novel"



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