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ÅSA HELLBERG – who claims to be in the ages ”between 25 to 85, both

biological and depending on the daily state – she is an author and

coach. She grew up right next to the ocean in the Swedish village

Fjällbacka but is currently living in Stockholm where she ended up after

landing a job as a stewardess back in 1986.


She had her writing debut with the autobiographical novel Casanova’s

Woman in 2009 and after that decided to write the romantic feel-good series about

Sonja (2012) as well as A Small world (2014), To Tuscany and Back (2015)

and Gloria (2016). All of which has become big hits in Sweden and sold

to a long list of countries.


In fall 2017 comes the longed for, stand-alone, sequel to the Sonja

series.  The first two books have been read by hundreds of thousands of

women and pretty much every day Åsa receives the question on when the

next sequel will come. The time is finally here and Åsa is ”frisky” with

joy over the new Sonja novel.


Åsa Hellbergs books are describe as speedy, warm and humoristic with a

serious message. She is determined to write stories that are

entertaining about, and for, middle aged women who even if they may be

considered mature may not feel so secure about themselves all the time.

There is a lot to evaluate after turning fifty: Is this how I want to

live my life? Is my voice being heard? Am I getting what I need? Do I

want to be in this relationship? Is it possible to start over?


She has described herself as a disciplined human being who indulges in

pleasures and is a social lone wolf – excellent traits for an author who

gets to wear a robe while writing books at home in the comfort of her




Author’s website: asahellberg.blogspot.se



2018 - An Unexpected Visit (Ett oväntat besök)

2017 - Sonja's Second Chance (Sonjas andra chans), novel

2016 – Gloria (Gloria), novel

2015 – To Tuscany and Back Again (Toscana tur och retur), novel

2014 – A Small World (En liten värld), novel

2012 – Sonja’s Secret (Sonjas hemlighet), novel

2012 – Sonja’s Last Will (Sonjas sista vilja), novel

2009 – Casanova’s Woman (Casanovas kvinna),  autobiographic novel


Author photo by  Nils Mörner

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