Everybody Loves Bianca (Alla älskar Bianca)

Birgitta Bergin


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Sweden: Bokfabriken


Bianca is the kind of person everybody loves. She is irresistible, secretive and beautiful. But what is she hiding? And who loves Bianca the most?


Three couples arrive for a luxurious weekend at the magnificent halls of the castle Thorskog. During an intense 24 hours a man is forced to confront his past, A wife does something she will live to regret, A young woman is forced to see her lovers true being and a diary will reveal exactly what no one wants to know – all the while Bianca is reconciling with her past.


Everybody Loves Bianca is a novel with linking intrigues, where every piece of the puzzle brings you closer to the truth.


352 pages




"What a drama! A striking intrigue and woven together so well. Brilliantly written. Full points for this exciting book. 5 out of 5." - boklusen, book blog


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“Gripping, suspenseful and captivating." – Bokmysan, book blog


”The story contains family secrets, love, betrayal and drama. I love how it’s not predictable how the story will go since it’s based on a true story. You can’t make it sugar sweet because it wasn’t a happy ending in real life either.” – Karin Boktok, book blog


”Incredibly moved by the story. Birgitta Bergin has captured all the characters emotions” – Emmas krypin, book blog


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