The Illusion

Thomas Erikson


Rights sold

The Czech Rep: Nakladatelství Brána

Denmark: Rosenkilde & Bahnhof

Finland: Minerva Kustannus OY

Russia: Eksmo

The Netherlands: Queriedo

Poland: REA

Spain: Siruela

Sweden: Massolit

First in the series about behaviorist Alex King. In this thriller series we meet a new hero whose special ability to read others will help him and the police to solve and also prevent crime. Alex King can foresee what a person he makes a profile on is intending to do. He can quickly see who he is dealing with, and he will without mercy reveal a character’s dark motives when he feels it is time to do so.

In ”The Illusion” in a week, two businessmen are shot in Stockholm. Both were the subject of serious blackmail, before a cold–blooded, public execution. Alex King is summoned as a witness, and soon becomes involved in the investigation. Working close to Detective Investigator Nina Mander, he tries to fit the pieces together.

469 pages



"Great debut" - Book on my mind


"Quick turn of events, nerve wracking scenes that made me go and check if the front door was locked several times. And a story I just wanted more of. The behavioral psychology is waved into the story making it really interesting and giving it a great twist. Really, really good" - Underbara Böcker


"It's exciting and informative all at once"  Mysterierna


"It is a terrifying and well written murder story with organized crime, police men and a communication consultants that uses the DISA method to solve the puzzle and figure out how people work" - Karin Långström Vinge


"I couldn't put the book down and I am impressed how well the author managed to tie al the events together. If you're tired of the regular old crime novels this is a fantastic new alternative!" - Carola Strömstedt