The Bookshop on Riverside Drive (Bokhandeln på Riverside Drive)

Frida Skybäck


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Sweden: LB Förlag

Charlotte is too young to be a widow, too young to loose her loved one. In her lost state she takes a break from her successful business and seeks for peace and quite on the countryside. But one day she receives an unexpected notice, she has inherited a house in London from an aunt she barely knew existed. And the building is housing a bookshop.

Determined to sell the house Charlotte flies to England, where the bookshop on Riverside is nearly bankrupted and the eccentric staff seems beyond rescue. But even though Charlotte doesn't know a thing about running a bookshop she soon feels a connection to the reluctant staff.

Whilst Charlotte struggles to rescue the bookshop she realizes that something isn't right. How come she never met her aunt? And what dark secrets are hidden in the house?

The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a warm, charming and hopeful feel good novel about how a house full of books, a random group of strangers and a bitter old male cat can help someone start a new chapter in life.


256  pages


Reviews on Skybäcks previous books 

"The plot is brilliant … Northern Lights is a must for everyone who likes historical novels."

Bokbloggen Holavedsbrudar

"It doesn’t lack mystery nor suspension ... I want more!"

Mias bokhörna, blog

"Once you’ve started reading this series you just can’t stop."

Boklysten, blog

"Gripping, interesting and captivating!!!"

Jennies boklista

"It’s with great empathy that Frida Skybäck describes the lives of the three sisters ... I can’t wait for the next book."

Marlenes bokblogg

"It's sad, it's strong, and so, so good!"


"The plot is brilliant... Northern Lights is a must for fans of novels set in our country's past."

Bokbloggen Holavedsbrudar

"A book to recommend to anyone who wants a really good novel about unrequited love and bygone history.

Johannas deckarhörna

"You want to read something easy to digest but still a bit complex and perhaps even with dark streaks. You want to have a story that is well written, historical and depicts women conscious of their vulnerability. Complicated family relationships, love and entanglements. You are not afraid to throw yourself into a series that have not yet been published with all parts. Is it so I absolutely think you should read Frida Skybäck’s latest book Northern Lights."



Author photo by Emil Malmborg

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