The Book Club at the End of the World (Bokcirkeln vid världens ände)

Frida Skybäck


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Germany: Insel

Sweden: LB Förlag



Swedish descendant Madeleine Grey moves to Ljusskär in Skåne on a sunny spring day. She is back to intern at the popular Freedom Church, but her stay ends abruptly when she, only a few weeks in, suddenly packs her bag and disappears without a trace. Thirty years later her sister Patricia receives an anonymous letter containing Madeleine’s necklace and decides to return to the small coastal town for a last attempt to find her sister.


Patricia checks in to the only hotel in Ljusskär – Mona’s Bed, Breakfast & Books, where many of the residents gather to gossip and eat Mona’s famous Seaweed Buns. Pretty soon Patricia befriends a divergent group of women that are linked together through their Book Club. In between their conversations about literature, love and marriage problems, they begin to examine Madeleine’s mystical disappearance. Everyone in the small town, however, is not as accommodating and Patricia soon realizes that her questions tear up old wounds.


What really happened to Madeleine on that late summer evening, and what dark secrets are the people of Ljusskär trying to hide?


The Book Club at the End of the World is a charming and hopeful story about how love and friendship can heal old wounds and help someone find a new beginning.



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349  pages




”Frida Skybäck captures the very essence with the joy of reading in a way that warms the heart. The Book Club at the End of the World is a book that is bursting with reader’s joy!” – Johannas Deckarhörna, book blog


”Down to earth humor that is appealing mixed with exquisite, captivating and colorful characters. Talk about pleasure read!” – Boktokig, Book blog


”A delightful and irresistible story about grief and loss but also about joy and how amazing it can be to make new friends when you least expect it.” – Frida’s bookcorner


”WOW what a book! I did NOT want it to end. This wonderful book has everything! Humor, suspense, cozyness, books and in the end tears. Read, read! 5 out of 5.” – Sofia Hjort, book blog


”I loved this book! It was one of the best reads this year. Frida Skybäck writes with such a nerve and I have both cried and laught out loud.” – Sofias Books, book blog


The Book Club at the End of the World has everything one can ask for in a Feelgood novel. Literary references, home made buns, intimate conversations and unexpected meetings are just some of the ingrediens in this book. There is also a darkness to the story with the disappearance of Madeleine that contributes to moving the story forward. The multi faced characters also contributes to the pace, and I would have loved getting to know each and everyone of them even better. The book is just as the characters, filled with warmth while it also discuss tough subjects like grief. This is the perfect book to read this fall when the longing for summer becomes to difficult to bare.” – Litteraturlivet, book blog


”A fantastic story that brings up both melancholy and life’s joy. The story is both skilfully told while also being gripping and suspenseful.” – Jessica Abrahamsson, reader


The Book Club at the End of the World is just as Frida Skybäcks other novels – well written and capitvating. Yet, I must admit that this one reaches the next level. It’s impossible not to love! If you liked The Bookshop on Riverside Drive you will LOVE this one.” – Bok & Filmtipset, book blog


”I wasn’t prepared for the seriousness level to the story, but I’m not complaining! It’s far from total darkness – there is love, friendship and warmth. I find myself liking this little group of people so much. I also vote that the Mona’s Bed, Breakfast & Books should be a real place. The characters are wonderful and they just throw out literary references! As if that wasn’t enough – you also get reading tips along the way – could it get any better? I liked Skybäck’s previous book but this grabs the first place for me.” -Vargnatts bokhylla, book blog