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Brian M. Talgo, an expat New Yorker, is a writer/translator in his spare time. His first novel, The Beauregarde Affair, was published by PfoxChase in 2011; his writing has otherwise appeared in various anthologies published both in Norway and abroad. Brian is also the lyricist/concept artist for the Norwegian prog-rock collective Gentle Knife.

Brynjulf Haugan has worked as a naturopathic doctor for over twenty years. In 2004 he initiated a two-year project in cooperation with Nordisk Film and NRK (The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) researching and developing a historical/medical TV series entitled Mystical Mankind. In 2011, Brynjulf’s short story Map of the Mummies won the Oslo Museum of Cultural History writing competition.

The Salt of Ancient Tears was recently translated and previously published in Norwegian as Tårer fra en tapt tid by Prego Mobile. Since publication in October 2017 it has been generating a considerable and growing amount of interest.



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2019 - The Way of the Raven, fiction

2017 - The Salt of Ancient Tears (Tårer Fra en Tapt Tid), fiction


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