Brothers (Bröder)

Liselotte Roll


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Sweden: Harper Collins Nordic

Two brothers and an insane mother. A throat cut open and a ruined future.

Joel and David Zander are brothers in their thirties. They have had a difficult childhood with a mentally ill, alcoholic mother and chosen different paths in life to deal with it. One day, Joel receives a weird message from his mother, asking him to come to her home immediately. Once there, he discovers her dead body tied to a chair with her throat cut and an ”eye” engraved on her forehead. Because of his criminal record, Joel is blamed for the murder and flees. 

When his teenage daughter Ella, the only person he really cares about, is targeted by the murderer his confusion and despair change to rage and he begins a search for the killer himself. To succeed in the vicious cat-and- mouse game that follows, he has to cooperate with his younger brother David, an unscrupulous attorney who seems to have inherited their mother’s insanity. The disgust and contempt between the brothers makes the search for the truth hard and they are repeatedly forced to address their ambivalent feelings towards one another.

Finally, one of them has to face the ultimate question: Would you be prepared to die for your brother, even if it turns out he isn´t?



399  pages




"This is not the type of book where you like a bunch of characters rather it's the opposite, there were so many that I didn't like and were annoyed by which made it hard to know what was going to happen and who was responsible. A real page turner. 5/5". Bokbloggar, book blog


Reviews on the previous book in the Kalo series:


"The intrigue in Eenie Meenie Die is imaginative and different... Roll writes in a supensful and yet close to our reality in everyday life and I look forward to follow this series development" Gunilla Wedding, Skånska Dagbladet


"Captivating, unpredictable and with characters that grow alongside the same pace as the story" Malin Landegren, Nerikes Allehanda


"If you're seeking a nerve wracking moment to relax for a bit Liselotte Roll is a good choice" Nisse Scherman, DAST Magazine


“Entertaining but gruesome […] Roll stays on course and manages to both untangle and tie it all together. “Tredje graden” is full of suspense and will most certainly find its slot in the landscape of Swedish crime novels and their readers. The appetite for this kind of crime novel seems insatiable: easy-going, easy to read in all its goriness, ordinary in spite of its gruesome ingredients.” - Ann Heberlein, Sydsvenskan


“enthralling, psychological and surprising. A captivating thriller from Sweden. Good Girls Don´t Tell is the upbeat of a thriller series that convinces with bloody murders, an exciting background story and elaborate characters. The author Liselotte Roll succeeds in this high class thriller in captivating even readers of books of Liza Marklund, Helene Tursten and Karin Fossum! It goes deep down to the darkest parts of the human soul.” /