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Carina Dahl is born in Stockholm. She began her career as a writer with copywriting and screenwriting for both film and television. The step to start writing novels was easy. Besides writing her love for the sea and boats has resulted in a nautical education and for 20 years Carina Dahl lived with her family on board a large North Sea ship. Today she has stepped ashore halftime and also lives on Gotland. Carina has been a columnist for one of the country's leading horse magazines and has a deeply rooted interest in animals and nature with horses as a hobby.


2002 Diesel Rats & Sailor Mice became a success on Swedish television. A Christmas calendar sent in 24 parts ahead of Christmas. Carina Dahl wrote the original story for SVT. A prestigious project which later led her to co-write the big feature film and television series The Crown Jewels. Adapted and directed by Ella Lemhagen.


Carina Dahl had written two books from where parts were taken to the movie, Family Happiness and The Big Swedish Melancholy. But Carina did not feel finished with her story, she knew much more about her family Fernández that were depicted in the movie, and when the chance came to create the great family saga all pieces fell in place, and the work could regain its original title, The Crown Jewels now with the addition , A family saga.


Carina Dahl is driven to write a form of literature that she lacks in modern Sweden. Her narrative style is rich and filled with epic joy, words like fairytale thriller and adult fairy tale is common in reader comments. In the spirit of magical realism she has myths and poetic reflections on the great questions in life woven into the story. She succeeds to make the reader convinced that the most unlikely is very likely. The style resembles of novels like The World According to Garp by John Irving or The Christmas Oratorio by Göran Tunström. Carina Dahl chooses to summarize her mission like this:


"I just want to stop people on the street and tell them, come and gather here in a ring, you shall listen!"




2014 – The Crown Jewels (Kronjuvelerna), novel

2009 – The Big Swedish Melancholy, novel

2008 – The Family Happiness, novel


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