Charlotta von Zweigbergk

Ranging from lifestyle inspired non-fiction to heartwarming relationship novels

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Charlotta von Zweigbergk is a journalist and author who has worked as a freelance journalist for decades. She has written for several big newspapers and magazines all dealing with the common theme of popular psychology, personal portraits and social issues. For many years she had a chronicle in the newspapers Dagens Nyheter and Aftonbladet as well as the magazine Amelia where she wrote about relationships, portraits and travel. In 2016 she got nominated for an August prize for her non-fiction book ”The Poverty Trap”.


Besides writing non-fiction that is inspirational about life style choices Zweigbergk has also written a number of novels and poetry.


Zweigbergk is from Stockholm originally and has three children that are all grown up and her beloved grand children. She divides her time with them and her place on the Island Gotland in south of Sweden where she takes long walks on the beach and thinks about the next project.



Reviews on ”The Poverty Trap”:


”It is so well written and important that it should be one of the fundamental books for all economics students” Dagens Nyheter


”The Poverty Trap is a book that could become political dynamite if someone ever brings it up in a discussion, if anyone were to take the human beings seriously that are treated in the story – they would realize that it could be either one of us sooner or later” Åsa Linderborg, Aftonbladet


Reviews on her novel taking place on Gotland ”Dog's Love”


"A sensitive, at times realistic drama about love."

Lotta Olsson, DN




2017 - Dippen and Me (Dippen och jag), novel

2016 – The Poverty Trap (Fattigfällan), Non-fiction

2016 – Dog's Love (Hundkärlek), novel

2016 – Ebbe, Mum and the fight at the bus (Ebbe, mamma och bussbråket), children’s novel

2016- Ebbe, Mum and the bike thief (Ebbe, mamma och cykeltjuven), children’s novel

2015 – All Parts of You (Alla delar av dig), Novel

2015 – Solo song –survival guide for singles (Solosång: Överlevnadshandbok för singlar) , Non-fiction

2014- The Other Mouth (Den andra munnen), novel

2014 – The Innermost Day (Den innersta dagen), novel

2007 – Smoked – about life without cigarettes (Rökt! Om livets mening utan cigaretter), non-fiction

2006 – Inflexible – women on rheumatism (Oböjligt: kvinnor om reumatism), Non-fiction




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