Chickens as a Hobby (Höns som Hobby)

Liselotte Roll


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Sweden: Natur & Kultur

In this book your will find most things you need to know about how to care for chickens and chicken life in general. You will also find observations of Doris, the chicken whose voice cracks in puberty, Rut the wise one, angry Prillan and the other chickens in our yard. A Falcon Crest of chickens, if you'd like. Apart from the fact that eggs from your own chickens are delicious and that the birds are great company in the yard, they are also fairly intelligent. At least most of them. They can solve issues, cuddle with each other but can also be tricky and mess around. They love, hate and interact just like us.

With a home blessed with the joy of chickens you will enter a completely new world. It's pure joy having a cup of coffee in the yard while they spread their wings and enjoy the warm sunlight at your feet. Or when you see a chicken hatched for the first time and the mother hen carefully nudging the chick into the warmth underneath her.

When thousands of chickens are crowded into an industrial pen it is hard to picture them as individuals with their own personalities, but they are. In our orchard you'll find both shy and brusque chickens, each with their own preferences when it comes to food and friends. The more you observe your chickens the more you will learn. Not only about them but about all species. Every individual is unique. So, if you haven't already acquired chickens, do so. Make yourself and some chickens happy. And if you don't know how – this is the book for you!
176  pages




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