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Christina Erikson was raised in Småland, southern Sweden, and now lives in Svartå. Her debut crime novel, Mother's Gift, was published in 2014 and since then she has co-authored several books together with Thomas Erikson.

The Rising Dark (2018), her breakthrough title in the series featuring DI Elias Svensson and the author and psychopath profiler Cornelia Lind, marks an exciting new step for the author which have been really well received by the readers and reviewers. All books in the series are published at Albert Bonnier Förlag.


When Christina Erikson moved into Svartå manor, it was discovered not only that a long line of female rulers was found, but also that many had the exact same name as herself: Christina. That inspired her to write a new Family Saga series of Historical Romance called The Women of Black River Manor. The series will include 21 books and span 250 years. The books are inspired by the real historical women who ruled at Svartå Manor, where she herself has lived for a couple of years and gathered inspiration.


Watch Christina Erikson in Swedish News Sofa talk about the The Women of Black River Manor right here



2023 - If You Were Mine (Om du var min)

2023 - Me, Forsete (Jag, Forsete)

2022 - In the Shadow of you (I skuggan av dig)

2021 - The Debutant(Debutanten)

2020 - The Thirteenth Disciple (Den trettonde lärjungen)

2019 - Lone Wolf(Ensamvarg)

2018 - The Rising Dark (Din vän Forsethe)

2017 - The Grave-Digger's Daughter (Dödgrävarens dotter)

2015 - Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes(Av jord är du kommen)

2014 - Mother's Gift (Morsarvet)



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