Dan Katz

Psychologist who illustrates how CBT can enrich our lives


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Dan Katz is a psychologist and a psychotherapist, his idea is to make cognitive behavioral therapy available for all, easily accessible and both helpful and entertaining to see and read.


Dan has previously worked in adult psychiatry but has been running a private reception in central Stockholm since 2004. Besides treatments he is also a teacher and a very appreciated lecturer. Another important task on the side is responding to psychological-related issues from newspapers, radio and television, or communicating with CBT mass media experts. He has a large engagement with the scientific world and has helped many people in the creative field over the years.


In 2017 he got nominated for the Psychology prize.


Fun fact about Dan: He has a music education from The US and worked with several Swedish artist before he decided to change career paths. When giving therapy he has his charming dog Flopsy "working" with him.


"The Lizard In Your Head" is his non-fiction debut book where he illustrates metaphors in a humorous way.
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2017 - The Lizard In Your Head (Ödlan i huvudet), 104 pages, Non-fiction, richly illustrated in color.


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