The Last Advent Calendar

Jenny Fagerlund

den sista adventskalendern

Rights sold

Denmark: Cicero

Finland: Gummerus

Germany: Dumont

Norway: Gyldendal

Sweden: Norstedts



In the middle of a snowstorm, Petra and her eleven-year-old niece arrive at Nyponvikens market garden. A place they never visited but which Petra's sister told about before she died and which she asked Petra to go to if she ever got into trouble. Viveca, which owns the commercial garden, welcomes them with open arms and offers Petra employment.

Slowly, Petra and Charlie begin to get used to their new life and get to know the rest of the villagers, but their arrival stirs mixed feelings. One morning an Advent calendar is outside the door. It turns out to contain a story about the village's artist Lilly where each door reveals a new detail about Lilly. Petra soon realizes that the inhabitants of the village are hiding something and that the Advent calendar is the key to the answer.


The Last Advent Calendar is a story of strong family ties and community. About finding home and daring to start all over again.


309 pages




"Skillfully constructed plot and suitably complex feelgood" - Lotta Olsson, DN Magazine


"A reading experience that becomes like a protective light in the November darkness. A book that leaves a mark and will stay with me for a long time. One of the author's best." - Agneta Norrgård



"I've just finished reading THE LAST ADVENT CALENDAR and am completely blown away by Jenny Fagerlund's fantastic story. So rich it is, so deep and so incredibly exciting and fascinating. Storytelling joy! I envy anyone who has it left to read" - Sascha  Creutz