Dippen and Me (Dippen och jag)

Charlotta von Zweigbergk


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When my father, whom I called Dippen, was diagnosed with Alzheimer he needed a lot of care and I was one of those who took care of him. You could say that I was giving back the care that he gave me when I was a kid, but that was not the case. I grew up with an whole in my chest that ached to be filled with my fathers love. My father was the funniest man in the world and the most wonderful. Although he could also be mean and distancing. When this black-and-white-father became old, helpless and confused it was finally time for our reconciliation. That time became a way for us to settle. To spend time with someone who has Alzheimer is not easy but in life's precious final hours we found time for the most important things, we had a dignified ending and I was given a happy childhood right before I turned 50 years old.


Dippen and me is a tender story about a complicated father-and-daughter-relationship but also a book about taking care of an aging parent. Despite its heavy subject it is a humorous and loving story.




230 pages