The Invisible Death (Döden ingen ser)

Anne-Marie Schjetlein


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Sweden: Bokfabriken

Just when you think everything is going to be alright and that life is going for you, that's when it happens.


A nurse is found dead on the rails after she just quit her job at the hospital. Many doubt that Lotta would have committed suicide. She seemed so happy, loved her job and was very loved by her colleagues.


As the rumors fill the hospital corridors Lotta's passing is no longer the only strange death that occurs. The risk increases that patients might not be treated the way they should caused by mistakes that Andreas makes while he starts to feel even more unease and pressured at work.


When the accident happens it has dire consequences.


300 pages


Interviews in Swedish with Anne-Marie Schjetlein: 

Here is a Link to an Interview with Anne-Marie Schjetlein in Swedish channel 1 - SVT where she speaks about how she made the financial savings within the care field into an suspense novel


And here is a Link to an radio interview about the book in Swedish Radio p4 where she speaks about her sense of responsibility to bring up this subject and her decision to treat it and tell the story in a fictional novel.




"Not only does Schjetlein manage to write a yet another page turner but she also brings up the current issues with problems within the field. The hospitals are over congested, the employees are understaffed, stressed and cannot give the patients the help that they actually want to be able to give them. Mistakes can happen and in this story they will have horrible consequences.

The suspense parts are great - especially towards the end when I'm on pins and needles wondering how everything will turn out. If you haven't picked up a copy of the books in this series yet I truly recommend you do so." Vargnatts bokhylla, bokblogg


"Captivating. Now I need to read the two first books in the series as well" Ibokhyllan, bokblogg


Reviews on the previous books in the series:


Anne-Marie Schjetlein has made the second book even better. I'm served with a psychological suspense combined with relationships, the everyday life, budding love and clues that i'm lured to solve. She keeps me hanging on until the very end before I manage to figure out the answers. I really appreciate how she manages to keep me on the grill in such a refined way that I, with the breath stuck in my throat keeps repeating to myself "No it can't be" shifting to  "Yeah, she will actually not hesitate to go there".

Erikas bokprat - book blog



"What the author does so well is to get a hold on me from the very first page and she manages to keep the strong grip until the end. Simply a brilliant crime novel that contains everything you wish for."

5 out of  5

/Ylva kort och gott, blogg


"The story differs from the rest of the Swedish crime novels. The Pale Bitter Death is a truly entertaining suspense novel"




"Lovely Anne- Marie managed to add more suspense to this whole book. The angles, the language - makes me almost stop breathing at times. Usually I am able to figure out the plot easily but this book left me completely unable to and I really like that.

A true page turner, the book ended way to quickly."

/Evas bokblogg 4/6


"The book is Superb! Schjetlein makes the characters come to life. I heartily recommend this book to readers who like everyday realism but also want to be thrilled."

/A Bookaholic Swede



"You get to dive into the characters..." "... I want to read more about Andreas and Stina!" 4/5

/Olivias deckar hylla blogg


"I love it how Schjetlein adds fake clues that make me believe I'm smart only to realize I was completely off"

/ Lagomlycklig Bok blogg


Creppy, is a word I believe fits well in as a description on this book. Really creepy. And I can usually handle a lot when it comes to books. But reading chapters with the point of view of a pedophile, it gets to you. The author really manages to disgust me in those particular chapters.

That's what makes the book good in my opinion. It has a great tempo and when I got around to read it I finished it in a single day. I had to find out what the deal was. And when the ending came I had to laugh at myself for thinking I new what was coming, believing I was smart to pick up on some of the clues. Turns out I'm dum and the author is smart, she had me fooled! Well played.

/Vargnatts bokhylla Blogg