Death Doesn’t Mind (Döden kvittar det lika)

Anne-Marie Schjetlein


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Sweden: Hoi

The surgeon Andreas works the night shift. A young woman is badly injured from being hit by a car, entering the room to see her a colleague says: “ By the way Andreas, you know her!"


The red curly hair falls on the sides of the stretcher and it makes Andreas’s heart burst. At home in the fancy villa his wife and children are waiting for him to come home from work. In the hospital’s emergency room lies the love of his life unconscious in front of him. Tess.


The accident will make truths be revealed. Andreas tries to keep things under control, but his wife is acting strange and he gets the feeling she is pushing him out. And she knows somethings about Tess. On several occasions she tries to tell him what she knows.


Around the people working in the hospital in Halmstad a drama of the most dramatic kind is taking place. The culverts stretching out under the hospital like a life supporting blood vessel binding up around the ragged people in their search for love in a world where there is too much sometimes of loneliness, jealousy and death to deal with.



281 pages





Exciting and gripping. Utilizing ingredients such as loneliness, jealously, exposure, sudden death and love Anne-Marie Schjetlein manages to pilot me through to the showdown. The treads I'm given slowly turns into a braided coherent web. A terrifying fate for a family who reaches an horrible ending but written and told with a warm comforting hand.

Erikas bokprat - book blog


"The reader's sympathies shift - it's skillfull. Death Doesn't Mind is a strong debut. 4/5. Can't wait for the next one!"  Tofflan, book blog



“With a well balanced mix of suspense, realistic environment and dangerous love affairs the reader is spellbound from first to last page”
Maria Wells, artist and author


“An impressing debut. A fascinating crime novel that easily shifts between the past and the present”
Kim M Kimselius, author


Schjetlein plays brilliantly with the secrets involved with guilt, it gives strength to the suspense.



A suspenseful page-turner in a hospital.

Ylva’s blogg


An interesting level of fear in a debut filled with creeping suspense and a surprising end. A K Strömshed, Biblioteken i Norrbotten


Strong and suspenseful!

Jennie’s booklist


I love when books surprise me the way this one did