The Grave-Digger's Daughter

Christina Erikson Granbom & Thomas Erikson


Rights sold

Sweden: HarperCollins Nordic - Harper Crime

Finland: HarperCollins Nordic

Norway: HarperCollins Nordic


The undertaker Rita Benson has hit rock bottom: her father is dead and her husband left with all her savings. The only thing she has left is the children and she has to get the funeral business up and running again for their sake.


Meanwhile a serial killer terrorizes Arboga. The police have no clues, by a coincidence Rita tracks down the killer. She sees a way to save her income and the business and therefore makes a plan. Although nothing turns out the way she imagined, she pretty soon realizes that she no longer can control it.



Pages 431


Reviews on the previous book about Rita;

“I see at once that this author duo knows what they are doing. Fast pace, short chapters, and something new and original, namely a detective story with an undertaker as the main character.

It feels like they've found something really good and "own" here.”

/Johanna's Crime Writers Corner


“It is rare to encounter a Swedish crime novel that feels like something entirely new, but this is actually the case with “Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes”. The uncommon protagonist, the desperate but determined Undertaker Rita Benson, is a really welcome addition in the Swedish detective flora.”

/ Crime Garden


“The couple Erikson-Granbom have achieved a well-written funny and exciting story that sometimes is scary but just as often cozy. The authors have put extra effort on creating compelling characters.”

/ Dast Magazine


“So well written, delightful twists, fun twists, it is a long time since I felt such a sense of pleasure while I was reading, delightful characters ........... just say one thing, read this.

Buy it, borrow it, or at worst - steal it.”

5 coffins out of 5

/ Pockethexorna


Very black humour and a lot of laughs amid the corpses and marriage crises.

Think this could appeal to as well traditional detective readers and to those who prefer gentler stories as “Kaffe med rån” (The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules).”


Johan Zilén, Akademibokhandeln Syd