Fire Sisters (Eldsystrar)

Susanne Boll

Eldsytrar Boll

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Sweden: Bokfabriken

Vera Lilja’s favorite client Avana doesn’t show up for their scheduled appointment and her absence makes Vera worried. Later her anxious feelings will be confirmed.


Vera Lilja is an experienced and renowned psychologist with a reception located at Odenplan in Stockholm. She is a skilled psychologist but lately the reception has been receiving anonymous threats that are becoming more intrusive. Someone who is violent, insulted and driven by a raging desire for revenge is directing all his energy towards Vera Lilja.


In Vera's youth she lost both her parents in a terrible fire and in that same fire her sister was badly injured. Vera has during her entire life felt a debt towards what happened and is trying to make up for it by helping others. When it turns out that Ayana is kidnapped the memories that Vera has been trying to surpress are brought up to the surface. Vera’s knowledge  as a psychologist is put to test – in a game of life and death.


Sisters of Fire is a sharp, psychological thriller where a loaded intrigue is combined with darkness and unexpected twists. Susanne Boll is a psychologist which is reflected into her writing and shown in the credibility of the portrayal of her characters.


260 pages


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"So Good. Well written. Perfect story. In overall a ten pointer. An easily digestible treat."



Author photo by Lars Trangius

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