A Brother for a Sister (En Bror för en Syster)

Lena Matthijs


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Sweden: Lind & Co

One cold March night a car chase ends when a police patrol vehicle violently rams into a red sports car, forcing it off the road. The young man in the passenger seat of the sports car is thrown out and killed instantly. The victim’s name is Valon Bericha and the man behind the wheel is his brother Jashar. The police are all too familiar with the brothers from their involvement in drug crimes and theft.


There is another pair of brothers in the police car, Johan and Samuel Kangas. Johan, the more inexperienced officer, is the driver. Samuel tried to get his brother to call off the chase but failed. The following day Johan is transferred to a desk job at central command as an enquiry gets underway.


At the scene of the accident Jashar swears to take bloody revenge for his brother. After police questioning, during which he withdraws his threats against the Kangas brothers, Jashar disappears.


Later the police gets a report of an abandoned vehicle on a forest road. Samuel Kangas and his patrol are sent to investigate and when Samuel goes to open one of the doors he triggers a fierce explosion.


As the severely burned Samuel fights for his life, Chief Inspector Hasse Nelander-Wien and his team are assigned the case of the car explosion. Because of the perceived threat Johan Kangas and his family are moved to a safe house and the hunt for Jashar is on. The police soon discover unexpected links between Johan Kangas and Jashar Bericha.


The books ends with a thrilling hostage drama lifted straight out of the police reality which is the author’s everyday life.


Lena Matthijs’ portrayals of the two pairs of brothers are impressive and tumbling. She shows how an imbalance between siblings can lead to bitter rivalry, how damaging it is to constantly be the inferior of the two. Siblings, and boys in particular, are encouraged to compete with one another and the consequences can be disastrous when one is always the loser and the competition ceases to be a game.


350 pages



"If you like police novels set in a rural environment, A Brother for a Sister is an excellent choice."

Crime Garden


Author photo by Pernilla Rudenwall