A good deed (En god gärning)

Christina Erikson Granbom


Rights sold

Sweden: Litet förlag

The good hearted John Smith wins a large sum of money. After seeing a film on trafficking on teve he decides to use his money to save as many women as he can. A good deed that is not appreciated at all.


Police inspector Mildred Carlesten has gone through an unwished pregnancy and suffered through big problems giving birth to a girl she can't find a way to relate too. The child is a result from a rape, and Mildred can't keep her. 


When Mildred's sisters husband is arrested after being caught with a prostitute Mildred takes the chance to start some investigation work on her own. And soon she is drawn into a story of violence and humiliation. On the same time someone is hiding in the dark, just waiting to finally get the life he was denied as a child and has been promised to get; a family life. Mildred once was his and now he is determined to get her to love him again. He moves slowly, getting closer step by step. If he doesn't get Mildred he could settle for the girl. 


"A good deed" is the second book in the series with the Police Inspector Mildred Carlesten in Kungsör. Draw no quick conclusions, good intentions can lead people to actions they did not mean to perform. Who is evil and who is good? 



Pages 349