The Search for a Perfect Selfie

Helena Dahlgren


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Sweden: Nypon Förlag

Nora's new phone takes fantastic selfies. When she posts them on Insta, she gets lots of likes and for the first time, she feels satisfied with herself!

But suddenly selfies appear on her account, horrible pictures, which she has no memory of taking. Can the pictures have something to do with the account @selfielove. In her nightmares, Nora hears a voice that depresses her, saying that she is not good enough, that she is not someone. Nora feels bad and when one day she discovers a dark shadow, a face in the pictures, she no longer knows who is who.


In her popular horror series that takes place on social media, Helena Dahlgren now gives readers a frightening, overly realistic story about the unhealthy hunt for likes. The desire to be seen and noticed at any price. A hunt that can lead to mental illness.


60 Pages




"It's really good, unpleasant and exciting horror in short format - also with a dispute at the end. Overall rating 5 out of 5." -

Fia Idegård, BTJ Library services  no 5/2022


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