The Right Decisions (Det enda rätta)

Susanne Boll


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Sweden: Damm

Three women's lives capsize. Completely. When the excitement and passion meet, the going gets rough.


The countdown to Christmas has begun, but it will not be like other years. Maria knows that. It has simply happened too much and life has become too complicated. Gift and glitter will not be enough to create the idyllic feeling. Psychologist Maria is happily married to Manne and the mother of two small children. When she discovers a lump in her breast she suffers from terrible agony. She risks everything in the urge to relieve the pain. Now the truth threatens to catch up with her.


Helmi works as a physician at the Oncology Unit, Karolinska Hospital, and she is fed up with the role of being the death messenger. She makes a drastic decision which, according to her, spare both herself and the patients. Simultaneously, her own carefully controlled life begin to crack. Ugly memories she thought she had repressed forever demands attention and her old anesthetic, sex, doesn’t work as good as it used to.


Isabelle is a preschool teacher and yearns intensely for children of her own. She is happily in love with her partner Jerker but is getting frustrated that he commits so slowly in their relationship. Is Isabelle herself really as ready for a life with Jerker as she thinks? Why does that pair of dark eyes that she thought were gone not leave her alone? Has she really forgotten the past?


While a bleak December descends upon Stockholm, the three women's pathways cross, psychological stress is screwed up, and life-changing choices have to be made.


The Right Decisions is a strong relationship novel about modern women in mid-life. Already in the first few pages, the reader realizes that this is a book you cannot possibly put down until you come to the last page.


340 pages



"This is a book I just can’t put down. I devoured it from cover to cover."



"The Right Decisions is a psychological relationship novel that is absolutely perfect for a book club. There is so uch to talk about after reading the book."

Erika's book talks


"Really nakedly written and it feels real, casual and close. I'm actually a little sad that the book is finished. Can instead be happy to pass on the book to my friends who then can pass it on to their friends .... Send it forward ... "

The booklover’s thougts


"So Good. Well written. Perfect story. In overall a ten pointer. An easily digestible treat."


Author photo by Lars Trangius

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