A small world (En Liten Värld)

Åsa Hellberg


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Join in on a journey filled with love, sex, friendship and laughter. A Small World by Åsa Hellberg is a warm and enjoyable feelgood romance with mature women starring in the leading roles. Elsa wants to travel, but has no one to travel with. She finds a splendid solution. She waits at the crossroads with her suitcase packed and follows the first person she sees with a suitcase. Elsa is a 65 -year-old widow who no longer want to sit alone at home. Elsa will reach both the Swedish town of Västerås and the buzzing metrolopolis of London before it is time for a really big journey! Elsa will meet Isabella and Carina, two younger women with lots of ideas about how to live their lives. But not always following the good ideas. The more you get to know Elsa, you realize she really deserves a good life! Her marriage has been a horrible one, where her husband more or less regarded her as a piece of furniture …

Isabella, is a former movie star, still being recognized for her beautiful face. At 50 , she stands at a crossroads, wondering what she should do with her life. Should she sell her successful business? Move abroad? Would she ever dare to open her heart for a man again? Carina is Isabella’s colorful friend. She lives in England and was recently abandoned by her husband for a younger talent. When everything is turned upside down, she invites Isabella into a new project: they will live and work together in the English countryside. It is hilariously funny to follow the former husband’s adventure with the younger girlfriend, things doesn’t always turns out as expected or hoped for.

Coincidence, or maybe fate, brings Elsa, Carina and Isabella together and the three women have a significant impact on each other. They all try to find new ways to live, but they find that it is much harder to change yourself and your life than they thought it would be. It will need a hefty pinch of girl power to make life better – or maybe even really great!

250 pages





"Åsa Hellberg's A Small World, is a romantic comedy about adventurous women over fifty who get the window-climbing hundred year old to look both prudish and stiff in the joints."

Malin Persson Giolito in Amelia


"A Small World is the name of the book that made me soften like chapped lips under lip balm."



"Like a meandering film we follow Elsa and a bunch of colorful people she encounters on her way out into the world. A very nice relationship story."



"This is a feel-good novel, a real page-turner that makes you feel good, full of humor, love and friendship, and about daring to take the first step."

Skaraborgs Allehanda


"I have read A Small World by Åsa Hellberg. A really lovely and cosy read! I read it in one day. A day well spent. Come on now, get out and buy the book!"

Agneta, Bokblogg


"Oh, wow what a wonderful feel-good novel this is! Read it and couldn’t stop! Just so good! READ IT!"

Cissi Grip Bokblogg


"The characters in the book show that nothing is impossible, it is just your own will that controls and sets limits, it is certainly useful to get such input at times, a typical feel-good novel."



"The author of Sonja's Last Will is back with a great book: This entertainment novel has all the right ingredients. Åsa Hellberg manages to create humor, timing and she has the exact feeling for making her characters seem real. Find a comfortable place and sit down and READ."

Halmstad 7 dagar