One Step at a Time (Ett litet steg på vägen)

Jenny Fagerlund

Ett litet steg på vägen KLAR

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Denmark: Palatium books

Sweden: Norstedts


Stella is 35 years old and works as an administrator for a travelling company in Stockholm- She is a single parent for her nine year old son Felix and she is satisfied with her comfortable life at work. Although comfort is not the word to describe her life at home. Felix is having difficulties in school, he is battling bullies and is often to blame when things go wrong. Stella is struggling to get the school to listen.

When a new boss is hired at her company everything is put to its test. Her job position changes and she needs to just accept what’s offered to her; going around to visit newly built hotels and resorts. The first mission is a two week long assignment at a newly started adventure resort with a brand new concept at the renovated hotel Fröliden in the Swedish alps.

Stella’s first impulse is to say no, but she reconsiders after more troublesome events at Felix’s school. They have both had enough. Together they pack their bags for adventures in the alps. Maybe this will be the break they both need?

During the weeks to come both Stella and Felix meet new people who will help them see that they can handle a lot more than they first thought. Things get even more complicated when it’s revealed that Stella’s boss has his own agenda with her trip. And it doesn’t help when Felix’s dad decides to show up at Fröliden.

313 pages




“… a pleasant and entertaining read. Set in beautiful surroundings with a focus on intrigues, relationships and astounding adventures – always with an intent and close eye on the son’s comfort and growth” -BTJ, no 17, 2019


"A page turner that makes you feel good and when it ends you close the book with a smile on your lips. Jenny Fagerlund's unique style of writing is both elegant and warm. She writes with such empathy and manages to captivate her readers. One Step at a Time has very ingredient for a Feelgood novel and then some. A book to love and return to many times over."  - I min Bokhylla, book blog


”Jenny Fagerlund writes books with a lot of identification, books that relate to everyday life. ONE STEP AT A TIME is incredibly nice. There is so many lovable characters in the book – there is even a really cute dog. The book shows how important it is to follow your heart and do what you feel is right. Think twice before accepting advice from someone. There is always a different side of the coin. 4 out of 5 from me.” – Bookishfalling, bookblog


”What I like about Jenny Fagerlund’s novels is that the main character really is the centre of attention. The focus is on her life, her emotions and her relationship with herself, her work, everyday life and family. In this case her family is her son. Sure – there is romance but that isn’t the main focus, it’s more like a nice bonus. An additional bonus in this novel is the dog. More fall books with dogs please!” – I hyllan, book blog