An Irresistible Life

Birgitta Bergin


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Awards and Nominations 

Shortlisted for Best Feelgood at the Storytel Awards 2022

Anna can’t believe her eyes. The guy who enters the bar at Riche is an identical copy of her first true love Calle, who died in a tragic accident before they got the chance to build a life together. It has taken her many years to get over him and find love again.


Anna’s everyday life with Filip and her two children is completely shook up after her encounter at the bar. The young man who is like a ghost from the past that rips open her wounds and threatens her current relationship. Anna can’t let it go: who is he? Does he have a connection to Calle?


An Irresistible Life is the fourth stand-alone continuation to the series about Anna Holm. Secrets are revealed and truth catches up seven years after Calle’s accident and Anna is torn between love and atonement.


318 pages



“This is feelgood, or is it? It is a heavy descent into the dark corners of drugs. The backside of the party life and how a broken childhood can break not only a person but also their closeness. But it also contains hope. But it sure is a dark story, the author depicts that deep and painful side that really affects me. In the last chapter I even cried a bit. Worth reading and important about parts of society that we do not talk much about.”  - @carolines_bokliv

“So ... what a book ... it knocked me over and I could not put it away. It is written with such empathy as if it were self-experienced. Love, loss, betrayal, hatred, uncertainty ... Yes, the author has included everything and it is embedded in perfection when she writes. Nothing gets messy and tangled, it just flows, which makes it so easy to read in one sitting ... because it could not be put down. Read it. Undoubtedly – 5 out of 5” - @cicciandbooks

“Wow! What an amazing book! After reading a couple of chapters, I was really stuck! The book is well written, nice, sad and warm (although there are a couple of really cool side characters, but which of course contribute a lot to the story). It was easy to like and feel with the main characters.” - @miasboksida

“This is a very strong story about lies, mental illness, secrets, love, loneliness and drug problems. Feelgood? Yes, but still not. There is a depth and a darkness in the book as well as there is joy and love. Balancing this in the plot is cleverly done by Birgitta and that makes the book so damn good! There are scenes that hurt to read and scenes that make my heart melt. I had a hard time putting down the book and the last two chapters take my breath away. This is a very, very good book!” – @lollosbokhorna

“This grabbed me pretty quickly. The destinies of lost souls often catch me. There is tension, secrets, betrayal and sadness. It shows what loneliness can do to a person when one feels loss and longing. Sometimes it's a little dark. But despite that, it is a nice book that shows that anything is possible. “ - @stinas_boksida

“An incredibly strong story. I shudder with both pleasure and discomfort while reading this book. There are such beautiful scenes that make the heart melt. But the strong point of the book is the story of lies, drug problems, loneliness, mental illness and secrets… it is in a fantastic way that you, Birgitta, let us follow the journey towards a community. All obstacles and opportunities that come in the way of the characters are like a tangled ball of yarn that is calmly and methodically tangled up.” - @maddys_boksida

“I love how lively and captivating the characters are and it feels more like you hang out with rather than read about them. A well-written, gripping and emotional page turner about love, reconciliation, loss, drugs and slips in life. 5 out of 5.” - @bokmysan

“The book is a love story that shows that anything is possible. It is about human destiny with delusion, loss and the longing for belonging. Like previous books in the series, this story is also eventful, you get to follow the different main characters' views on events and everything is woven together in a very nice way. It is gripping life stories, secrets, lies, love, drugs, grief and reconciliation. They are fine characters and a gripping story. You can not stop reading, I think to myself all the time - just one more chapter. So good! “ - @kulturladyn