An Irresistible Life (Ett oemotståndligt liv)

Birgitta Bergin


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Sweden: Bokfabriken


Anna can’t believe her eyes. The guy who enters the bar at Riche is an identical copy of her first true love Calle, who died in a tragic accident before they got the chance to build a life together. It has taken her many years to get over him and find love again.


Anna’s everyday life with Filip and her two children is completely shook up after her encounter at the bar. The young man who is like a ghost from the past that rips open her wounds and threatens her current relationship. Anna can’t let it go: who is he? Does he have a connection to Calle?


An Irresistible Life is the fourth stand-alone continuation to the series about Anna Holm. Secrets are revealed and truth catches up seven years after Calle’s accident and Anna is torn between love and atonement.


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