Tiger's Eye (Tigeröga)

Bettina Bieberstein Lee


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Sweden: BladhbyBladh

By the author of Raven Sisters, nominated for Best Crime Debut 2018, Crimetime Specsavers Award

Journalist Hanna Axelsdotter moves into a rental apartment in central Stockholm and finds her neighbor’s door blocked and covered with police tape. Then it’s revealed that the apartment belongs to Esther, a young woman who is living a complicated double life, and who was just reported missing by her boyfriend.

In the same apartment house lives Adrian, a lonely survivalist preparing for the downfall of civilization. He has a firm belief that Esther is in big danger.

Hanna is puzzled by the fact that no one seems to know anything about Esther’s life. But the police suggest that Esther might have decided to disappear of her own free will and therefore are devoting fewer resources to solve the case.

Hanna’s instincts say that something isn’t right, and she determines to hunt down any traces of Esther. Would an old tattoo of a pair of tiger eyes be of any meaning?

Or did everyone miss the fact that there might be a connection between Esther’s double life and her disappearance?

Tiger's Eye is the second, standalone, installment in the novels about journalist Hanna Axelsdotter.


528 pages




”A dense crime novel with psychological suspense. Skillfully intertwined stories. Children having difficulties relating to their surroundings, the terrorist attack in Stockholm and survivalists prepping for disaster. It’s crime novel you can’t put down.”– Tara Magazine


”I’m shaken and giddy after reading TIGER’S EYE by Bettina Bieberstein Lee. The novel took a firm grip of me and kept me clinging to it until the end, and it will live with me for a long, long time. Bieberstein Lee is a master at intrigues, character descriptions and keeping a high tempo in her story. She discusses important society issues such as prostitution, Asperger syndrome and the terror attack at Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Life as a journalist is also believable and portrayed nicely. It’s an uncommon writing style, not the usual Swedish suspense novel, instead it’s a novel with depth and unexpected twists that generates a flood of emotions and questions.” - Epiloger, book blog


“The story partly takes place in present time, also one year ago, and then it creeps forward towards the present again. At first I was a bit hesitant but Bieberstein Lee’s got this! I get more and more captivated by the story and when I finish and put the book down I’m very pleased.” – Karinboktok, book blog


"Tiger's Eye has good chances for success, just as the first book RAVEN SISTERS. It's skillfully portrayed and the characters feels uniquely believable... Very exciting." BTJ, no 6, 2019


"Strong, riveting and brilliant"  - Jenniesboklista, book blog


"Bettina Bieberstein Lee tells the parallel stories about Esther and Hanna's lives and depicts it nicely" - Lotta Olsson, DN



Reviews on Raven Sisters

”Oh how she writes, Bettina Bieberstein Lee! A book that is nearly impossible to let go off. About Nora who is in prison and tells her story to a journalist. Nora and her little sister where inseparable as children, until the catastrophe hit. After that they didn’t see each other for several years. Nora living on the edge of danger while Linn became a kind hair dresser who married an remarkably older man. But once they met again nothing was as it seemed to be.” -Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter


”The reader gets to dive into this psychological suspense about shame, violence and sisterhood – about the two sisters Nora and Linn, their broken childhood, how they were separated and how they are reunited. The Raven Sisters is a dark and suspenseful novel that really sparks the reading interest.” - Fam Kinell, Damernas Värld


"Unpredictable and nerve-wracking! 5 out of 5." - Sofias bokhylla, book blog


“Don’t miss this debut! – A true page turner” – Charlotta Dahlgren, freelance writer


“The Raven Sisters is a dense and edgy debut about two sisters, tied to one another even though they haven’t met in 15 years. Impressive language. Past and present are neatly tied together” – Kerstin Serneö, Tara


“It’s a suggestive novel that Bettina Bieberstein Lee has accomplished. Sometimes it’s so strong that you have to put the book away for a while just to catch a breath. But the longing to find out what we will happen makes sure you’ll be soon to pick it up again.” – Elisabeth Carlsson, Dast Magazine