Your Friend Forseti (Din vän Forsete)

Christina Erikson


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Norway: Goliat

Sweden: Albert Bonnier Förlag


The Police guards a suspected murderer. But do they know that they are not the only ones watching?


Carin who has left a marriage behind where the ex-husband was a psychopath and now she is one of the most knowledgeable experts on the subject. She is contacted by the police and meets Elias.

Elias is trying to solve a series of murders, all made by someone they think is a psychopath. Parallell to the police’s work there is someone with an agenda of his own hunting psychopaths, which becomes a third focus-point, Forseti. Could this Forseti be yet another cold blooded murderer or has this person another higher mission?

Forseti’s actions will interfere in the police’s work and despite causing disaster, Forseti also eventually help them.


Your Friend Forseti is the first book of four in a high end crime series where man's darkest secrets are drawn to the surface.


Pages 330




”A terrifying and raw story that is completely addictive"  / Plaza kvinna


"Christina Erikson has written an exciting and believable book about a psychopaths ability to manipulate his surroundings." - DAST magazine


"This highly skilled insight into the terrifying world of a psychopath is rare"  - Mattias Edvardsson, author


”The mind of a sexual predator is skilfully depicted in ’Your Friend Forseti’ by Christina Erikson”  - Kerstin Bergman, Smålandsposten


”The book really gets under your skin, I recommend reading it with all the lights switch on. It’s incredibly well-written” - Niklas Sessler, chief publisher Damernas Värld


"Sharp, Well Written and Addictive!"  Nina De Geer


“Your Friend Forseti is an extremely well written Swedish crime novel, sort of like Silence of the Lambs in a Stockholm environment. The action is divided between four main characters, the police officer Elias Svensson, the author Cornelia Lind and two serial killers who for a long time have been messing with the police force. One of the murderers call itself Forseti, a somewhat famous Norse divinity whom stood up for justice. He only kills what he himself calls beasts. The other murderer is in a way a kind of beast, a cold blooded psychopath who entertains himself by brutally murdering women. Cornelia has unwillingly become an expert on manipulative psychopaths after an unfortunate marriage. The different story plots run parallel to each other until the very end where they a intertwined in an intricate way. This is a book that keeps the reader on edge all the way to the very last page – and even further – since this is only the first book about Elias and you really want to find out what will happen to this aging murder investigator and find out more about Cornelia who also will be involved in the next investigation. The suspense is excruciating.

BTJ häfte nr 16, 2018, Pia Lindestrand