Your Friend Forseti (Din vän Forsete)

Christina Erikson


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Sweden: Albert Bonnier Förlag

The Police guards a suspected murderer. But do they know that they are not the only ones watching the suspect?


The book has three parallel focus-points. The first one is Carin who has left a marriage behind where the former husband was a psychopath and now she is one of the best experts on the subject. She is contacted by the police and meets Elias.

Elias, the second focus-point, is trying to solve a series of murders, all made by someone they think is a psychopath. Parallell to the police’s work there is someone with an agenda of his own hunting psychopaths, this is the third focus-point, Forseti. Could this Forseti be yet another cold blooded murderer or has this person another higher mission?

Forseti’s actions will interfere in the police’s work and despite causing a lot of disaster Forseti also eventually help them.


Your Friend Forseti is the first book of four in a series of high end crime novels.


Pages 330




"Sharp, Well Written and Addictive!"  Nina De Geer