Frida Skybäck

Love, mystery and dark family secrets

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Frida Skybäck is passionate about two things; great love stories and women’s history. As a teacher of language and humanities, Frida realized how much of our common history is told through a male perspective. Being the mother of two daughters, she set as a goal to create complex and interesting female characters and give them a place in history.

As part of her process, Frida spends a great deal of time doing research. Her stories are often inspired by letters and diaries found in the many archives of her hometown Lund and they give a voice to women of previous generations.

Following in the footsteps of Kate Morton, Frida’s books are effortlessly written and invite you into a colourful historical setting. She has been described as a modern-day Jane Austen and her writing is a perfect mix of gripping romantic drama, moral dilemmas, class antagonism, enduring love and dark family secrets.

Frida also produces and stars in the popular and award-winning podcast “Författarpodden” together with fellow author Agnes Hellström, in which they talk about writing and authorship.

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2018 - The Bookshop on Riverside Drive (Bokhandeln på Riverside Drive)

2015 – Polar Night (Polarnatt), historical romance

2014 – Northern Lights (Norrsken), historical romance

2012 – The White Lady (Den vita frun), historical romance

2011 – Charlotte Hassel (Charlotte Hassel), historical romance



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