The Lighthouse Keeper (Fyrmästaren)

Anna Ihrén


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Sweden: MIMA

Germany: HarperCollins

The darkness of the fall has swept in over Sotenäset. Karl Ström is staying at the hostel in Hållös, he is an analytic for the police force and has planned to have a few days of peace and calm to finish off an ongoing assignment. But after a walk to the famous marble swimming pool he reports a dead women found in the cold water. It turns out to be the american ambassador’s daughter, Tricia Andersen, and the investigation receives big attention, especially from the White House.


The case receives the highest priority and gets appointed to the police officers Sandra Haraldsson and Dennis Wilson at the police department of Guthenburg. Karl Ström will soon himself – through a long line of circumstances – become the head suspect and his wife Lisa starts her own private investigation in order to clear her husbands name. Even though things doesn’t look too bright.


At the same time the investigations done by the police duo points towards the lighthouse on Hållö, that has been the protector of sea men for the past hundred years and has been the home for firelight keepers and their families. Sandra and Dennis starts to suspect that there might be a connection between the old firelight keepers and the death of Tricia Andersen.


This is the fourth book in the Smögen Murders series.


Pages: 350



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"The descriptions are so well made that you could easily walk in this story's footsteps when you visit Smögen... Anna Ihrén has done a splendid job with the story. Overall a good crime story with a solution to it that is not easy to guess in advance and interesting characters."

Kerstin, Crimegarden



”Anna Ihrén knows her Crime. The tempo increases and the tension is steady all the way to the end where the riddles are solved during a midsummer weekend on the West Coast.”Mats Johnson, Göteborgs-Posten