Get Digital Or Die Trying

Arash Gilan & Jonas Hammarberg


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Sweden: Bullet Point Publishing

We will never again have access to as little technology as we do today.


We're living in a time where digitalization is more important than ever, and the transformation towards a digital society clearly shows within most companies and organizations. The prediction is that up to 50 % of all work positions today will be gone by 2030. Obviously, this does not portend massive unemployment – it simply means that certain professions will be replaced by digital technology while new professions emerge. We can summarize the digital transformation with the following three truths:


1. Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized.
2. Everything that is digitalized can be copied.
3. Everything that is copied loses value.


More and more industries are experiencing this, from publishing houses, retail stores, banks to consultants. The digitalization will affect everything we know but the question is how we act upon it. For a chance of survival it requires us to go with it, develop and reinvent ourselves and our business idea. And it can very easily feel overwhelming.


In Get Digital Or Die Trying you will be given solid tools that will bring both you and your company through the digital transformation. It's a book that focuses on HOW you carry on with both an internal and external digitalization. The books also educates you on digital management and shows you how to optimize your digital marketing to meet new client demands. It's a digital manual that every manager needs to complete its digital journey. Are you up for the challenge?


Let's Get Digital!



Type of book: 

It's a book about management and how to lead the organization through digitalization.


The book's message:

The importance of creating a good culture in order to proceed and keep the change after it has been implemented.  And the importance to create interfaces for human interaction as the digitalization increases.


How to use the book: 

Provides a close-up insight into how the vast and important conversion from an analogue to a digital business looks.



Both authors are managers and have provided input from their two different angles - and diverse ages, which creates an exciting dynamic. They walk us through the three phases of digital transformation.


Written for: 

Everyone in a management position, board member, business executives, directors or a responsible employee that stand in front of change, digital or analogue.




Extract from the book about what you'll find inside the three main parts:


In the first part – Digitalization, Threat or Opportunity? – we explain digitalization as a phenomenon and how the issue looks from different perspectives. We want to bring you on a journey and explain what digitalization really means as well as how it affects us. We are certain that this understanding is fundamentally important for anyone about to go on the digital journey.


In the second part – What is Digitalization All About? – we touch upon the digital capacity, system and platforms, digital organizations, as well as media and marketing. The purpose is to give you an understanding of the technology, and explain how you can use its potential.


The third part – How Do We Succeed in a Digital World? – we explain the road to success during the digital journey. We discuss how you lead an organization through the digital transformation, how you plan and make the journey a success, how you not only make the digital transition happen, but also survive and thrive, as well as how you form a digital culture.


We promise to not throw around strange expressions, acronyms, or words that do not mean anything, and we have consciously focused on giving you as much practical advice as possible. We want to help you become successful in your digital transition in a simple, comprehensible manner. The goal has been to write a well-packaged book instead of a weighty tome in which you lose confidence. Rather, our purpose is to give you a digital boost, that makes you digitally aware and energetic as you face the future.


We wrote the book to those of you who are in leadership roles of some kind. You may be a board member, a CEO, manager, a responsible employee, teacher or parent, or you might just be passionate about the subject. Our hope is that this book will give you a better understanding of the subject, that you will comprehend what the digital world is all about, and how you can become an efficient digital leader who is filled with confidence whenever the topic includes the word “digital.”


Welcome to our digital world.


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366 pages


Cover and Illustrations by: Sara Woodrow

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Awards & Nominations: 


Nominated for top 10 "This years HR book" in 2016.

The Jury's motivation: "This book brings the readers on a journey where they're taught to see digitalization as a possibility rather than a threat. A manual that all managers needs to lead and fulfill their companies digital journey. It describes how an organization can work strategically with digitalization and at the same time engage their employees in the transformation. The companies has to go along on this journey unless they want to be left behind."







”We're living in an amazing, crazy and sometimes fearful time where technology and digitalization are changing the basis for people, organizations and companies. For those who wish to understand this time I warmly recommend GET DIGITAL by Arash Gilan and Jonas Hammarberg. It is unusal since it both describes the digitalization and it's effects, but also offers hands on advice for those who wish to take advantage of the possibilites that comes with digitalization. The fact that they also see the potential in the non-digitalized makes the book even better."

– Per Schlingman, Author and Counselor


”Get Digital gives a steady picture of what digitalization practically means. It provides the readers with a guidance in "How to" do it and shows us the importance of our own attitude towards what's happening. An excellent book to use at work for those companies who are affected, which is EVERYONE!"
– Lars Friberg, Global Head of Financial Institutions, Swedbank



"Jonas Hammarberg and Arash Gilan have drawn on their decades of experience as consultants and in IT to assemble a very readable, uncomplicated step-by-step procedure for dealing with the tsunami of change that is currently drowning the business world. The company owner, leader or manager whose career up until now has been in the analog world should grab hold of this life preserver and cling to it for dear life. The authors lay out a clear path to dry land and I am convinced that the book will become a point of stability in times of rapid and often-confusing change."

- Dan Koon, co-author of New York Times bestseller
"Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me" with Ron


”Get Digital Or Die Trying helps the reader make his work successful. It contains solid advice on how managers on all levels can work with change when both the world around them and the internal world becomes digital. Read it!
– Maria Rankka, Author and CEO  Stockholm's Chambers of Commerce


”Gilan and Hammarberg truly hit the spot with this book. The road ahead with digitalization is an exciting and challenging journey where we at times don't understand the fact that we don't understand. The book is a source of inspiration and a great travel companion, that will help you turn the journey of digital transformation a successful one!"
– Ulf Troedsson, CEO Siemens Sverige, Nordics/Baltikum


"Every chapter offers a pearl necklace of insights and the reader is given clear tools to use for the work that needs to be done. Compulsory reading. The next "Give away" present!"
– Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, author and founder of Berättarministeriet

Video by the authors explaining the book in Swedish: