With Love From Missångerträsk (Glada hälsningar från missångerträsk)

Martina Haag


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Sweden: Pocketförlaget

Nadja lives in Stockholm, is approaching 45, childless and single. As she desperately longs for a child, she has decided to stop waiting for mr Right and adopt a child from China by herself. But just when her long wait seems to come to an end, the criteria for adoptions are changed: only married couples may adopt a child from China. Nadja’s sister Lotta, who lives way up north in Sweden, in the middle of nowhere, in Missångerträsk, has had enough of her listless husband and her demanding father- in-law. She decides that her marriage needs an inspiring and imaginative new start – a trip to Paris should do the trick.

The two sisters decide to help each other out. While one is having the time of her life in Paris, the other one copes with a grumpy old man, icy cold, snow and reindeer races while keeping a look-out for a man willing to pose as a husband.


The result is serendipity – happy accidents and pleasant surprises help life change for the better. With Love from Missångerträsk is a heartwarming and humorous novel about how life sometimes takes rather unexpected turns.

Pages 286



“A wonderful and heartwarming book, written with ease and tons of humor. Reading it was pure joy, I laughed out loud several times.


”Martina Haag is the Swedish champion of commercial women’s fiction.”
-svt, Magnus Utvik


About Wonderful and loved by everyone:
“... a star on the feel good shelf that offers high pace, quick dialogue and lots of smiles. The final scene, with the revenge on a douchebag of a man, is already a classic.”
Maria Küchen, Amelia

“...like a Swedish Bridget Jones, only funnier and more intelligent.”
Katarina Gregersdotter, Västerbottens Folkblad

“This is a liberating book. It is an easy read, funny and entertaining and it makes you laugh a lot.”


About I en annan del av Bromma:
“Hysterically funny ... splendidly good at depicting the middle class and its strive for normality.”