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Åsa Hellberg's new romantic novel ”Gloria” is steaming of great emotions. The stage is the Opera in Stockholm. A play is giving space for men and women in life situations that forces them to take serious decisions. Decision about their acting and on how they like to live the rest of their lives. And the stage is also giving room for a couple of divas.

During fifty days, the hot-blooded and passionate opera singer Gloria is doing rehearsal on her performance as Carmen. Gloria loves to play Carmen, she feels strangely related to this colourful and freedom seeking woman. This could be a splendid final to her career. If it wasn’t for the Opera’s choice of fellow actor.

With pain she swallows the message that she is performing against Dominic. The Dominic! Once upon a time they were lovers. But he chose an international career instead of her and left both her and Sweden. Now he is back for good, and plans to make everything to get close to her again. But Gloria is not interested. Or is she?


Agnes and Gloria are sister and total opposites. Now Agnes marriage has a crisis and she flees to Gloria because she can’t stand being at home. This time the two sisters comes closer to each other than ever before, and they can finally talk about sensitive subjects, like their childhood. Both are disappointed with their parents, but for different reasons. Could there have have been an understandable reason for why mother was so unfair? While they dig into their past a drama at the Opera is growing into uncontrollable proportions. As the conflicts deepen Carmen and Gloria lives are woven together in the most fateful way.


348 pages




"A lively relationship novel with middle age women and plenty of pictures of Stockholm and our time.

Dagens Nyheter/Lotta Olsson



”Love and passion that sparkles!”




”Eventful, speedy, exciting, fun, romantic and filled with sex”

Btj, Library Service



5 stars out of 5

Gloria takes place mostly in the opera world, and I do not know anything at all about Opera so it was very interesting to take part of the Opera world . I definitely recommend this book!

/Bims Blogg


What a deliciously luxurious praline this book has proved to be ! Absolutely lovely , like a praline filled with one's favorite filling, and utterly brilliant. If you like opera, love, romance, and drama then every  literary taste bud is in seventh heaven .


Gloria is a warm, charming book with humor and sympathy depicting life at 50+ and shows that it still can hold both love, passion and great drama . The book is written with much warmth and sympathy and an unerring intuition . Nothing slips. Not anywhere.


Not from the man playing the first notes of the overture to the very last curtain call . For Carmen permeates the book, on more than one level, and we are treated liberally to step into the world of opera and see and take part of life behind the curtain .

/ Romance Portal



Readers review:


An extremely humorous book. This novel is not just for women over 50, but certainly for this age group a must... A novel that plays in the middle of life but leaves enough room for your own fantasies and daydreams. 5 out of 5

@calendula, Vorab lesen, Germany



"The book has touched me very much... it has a nice dialogue and great characters that I can relate to" 5 out of 5

@s40034  Vorab lesen, Germany



"In her latest novel "Mittenommerleuchten", the author Asa Hellberg takes us to the dream city of Stockholm. Not only do we get to know wonderful protagonists, but we also get an interesting insight into the rise of a performance at the opera... it's a shame my trip to the city was to fast - I want to experience more of the lively city that Hellberg depicts... An great read, which gave me extremely entertaining and exciting reading hours. I enjoyed the book from the first to the last page. The cover is a real eye-catcher and I give the book five stars and look forward to the next book of the author."

@zauberblume  Vorab lesen, Germany