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Sweden: Idus

Glorias Memoirs (Glorias Memoarer)

Therese Loreskär

To be in the primary school at the Maynuts is not only difficult but borderline dangerous too!


Gloria is ten years old and has only been in class 5A for a few months when her life becomes very complicated! On the big photo shoot-day she accidentally pushes Sanja out of her wheelchair. Caroline and the cool girls believe Gloria hates wheelchairs, and they are doing everything they can to get Gloria kicked out from school!


Joel can only think about fruit thieves. Caroline gets walking sticks-insects  in her sweater. The vote for the school’s upcoming Mary in the nativity goes awry and Gloria finds a lot of money that someone has stolen from the school. But who is the thief?





"What a funny book. We read it during our vacation and my daughter who had just started school wanted to  read it all the time. It was all so exciting - how would it end? How would things go for Gloria? Would she stay in the school of Maynuts? And oh Carro - the cool girl - it was thrilling reading what she was up to. A great book for both kids who can read themselves and those who are still learning. And funny images to keep the kids interests up. We can't wait for a second one"   Frida and Noa 2014/09/22


"I like the book, it is both exciting and funny. I recommend the book for everyone ages 8 - 13 who likes books with mysteries. Once I started I couldn't but the book down. I have also read the first book."  Maja 11 years   2015/01/23



For children ages 8 and up


128 pages