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Sweden: Idus

Glorias Memoirs -Marco (Glorias Memoarer- Marco )

Therese Loreskär


Things are going full speed at the school of Maynuts!


A new boy started in 5a at the school of Maynuts, His name is Marco and he comes from...

Yeah, where does he come from really? Most things about Marco is a secret and rather strange.


Gloria and her classmates don't know what to make of it.


At the same time Joel has done a horrific discovery: their teacher Aina has killed a Swedish Crocodile! Because where else would she have gotten her shoes with crocodile skin?


And who is sneaking around in the bushes outside of school? Someone seems to have been hiding there, eating donuts and spying on the students...


Gloria, Joel and the other students in class 5a finds themselves in another tricky and exciting adventure!




"What a funny book. We read it during our vacation and my daughter who had just started school wanted to  read it all the time. It was all so exciting - how would it end? How would things go for Gloria? Would she stay in the school of Maynuts? And oh Carro - the cool girl - it was thrilling reading what she was up to. A great book for both kids who can read themselves and those who are still learning. And funny images to keep the kids interests up. We can't wait for a second one"   Frida and Noa 2014/09/22


"I like the book, it is both exciting and funny. I recommend the book for everyone ages 8 - 13 who likes books with mysteries. Once I started I couldn't but the book down. I have also read the first book."  Maja 11 years   2015/01/23


For children ages 8 and up


166 pages