Greetings from Båstad (Med hälsning från Båstad)

Jenny Fagerlund


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Sweden: Norstedts


The day has finally arrived. Linda is leaving her conspiring colleagues behind and moving to London to start a new job at one of Europe's largest lifestyle magazines. She has worked hard to reach this point in her career and even her otherwise hard to impress mother admits to being proud of her. When the job offer is suddenly pulled away at the last minute Linda finds herself without a job in both London and Stockholm. She panics completely and doesn’t tell anyone about what happened, instead she just pretends to move. Only her boyfriend Frank and her best friend Helena gets to know the truth. But where will she go? A small corner of a birthday card turns out to be her savior. Her aunt in Båstad! Alright, it might not be an aunt that she knows and one that her mother stopped communicating with 25 years ago, but on the other hand who would ever think to look for her there? The plan is spotless.


In Båstad the yearly Tennis championship weeks are soon at their doorstep and Linda is dragged into the festivities. But the more she gets to know her aunt and her new found friends she senses that something isn’t what it seems. Why did her mother stop talking to her aunt? And why doesn’t Frank ever call?



272 pages




"Jenny Fagerlund achieves to portray the perfect mixture of ease and substance. A crispy delightful read with just the right amount of "al dente" that makes me feel so good. While the novel also brings thoughts to mind such as family secrets and the courage to be true to yourself" - Kerstin Särneö, Tara Magazine


"Jenny Fagerlund has written this years hammock-read" Veckorevyn, magazine


" A beautiful Swedish summer with romance as a bonus. Read it!" instagram, @elinbalanserar


"Ooooh I didn't want it to end! A feel good novel in my taste. Soft, warm and relatable relationship descriptions!"5/5  Therese Loreskär, Author