The Quest for a Perfect Gin & Tonic

Written by Hans-Olov Öberg


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Sweden: LB förlag

WINNER at the World Gourmand Awards 2019 for "Best Gin Book in the world" and "Best Cocktail Book in the world"

This is no ordinary cocktail book. It’s a highly personal, narrative tale of the authors own quest for a perfect Gin & Tonic, from the outset as young business student in a second-hand flat in 1984, through an eye-opening visit to the Gordons HQ in 1987, a career in journalism, investment banking and publishing until today, with wife, grown-up kids, an English bulldog and a very well stocked personal gin bar.

What about recipes? Fear not. Throughout the book, the reader will find some 40 different recipes for Gin & Tonics, ranging from straight-forward classics to heavily infused, unorthodox versions.

The one rule in this book is: there are absolutely no rules.



Winner, Swedish Cocktail Books 2018

Winner, Swedish Drinks photo books 2018
/Gourmand Awards


Winner Best Gin Book in the World, 2019

Winner Best Cocktail Book in the World, 2019

/World Gourmand Awards




“If you have The Quest for a perfect Gin & Tonic at home, and still don’t feel the urge for a GT, then you haven’t read the book.  The photos: so beautiful and inspiring, adding a feeling of glamour to an ordinary day. And for god’s sake – read it! The warm humour between the lines… who would have guessed that a Gin & Tonic could be so much fun even before drinking?" - Boktokig, review on November 9th


"A joyful, initiated and inspiring read, with outstanding photographs"  Christian Olsson, BTJ


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quest for a perfect Gin & tonic