Homeless Hearts (Hemlösa Hjärtan)

Susanne Boll


Rights sold

Sweden: Vilja

Denmark: NDL (Nyt Dansk Litteraturselskab)

Can Love survive anything? Leia is burned out, kind and financially spoilled. One day she meets the homeless carpenter Jens. He gets the job and starts renovating Leias kitchen in her apartment at Mariatorget, in Stockholm. Leoa want to have the kitchen done before christmas. That will make the panic attacks go away and she will be able to breath properly again. Or is it really that simple?

Jens has struggled with an alcohol problem, but now that he is sober he has been given a second chance. He needs the job and the money that the renovation will give in order to move to his own apartment. That way he won’t have to sleep at night busses or the homeless shelter anymore. Leia and Jens are as different as two people can be. But they both have secrets they’re afraid to share and in the end everything will boil up.

Homeless Hearts is a romantic story about homelessness and mental illness.


96 pages


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