Dog's Love (Hundkärlek)

Charlotta von Zweigbergk


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It's all about the dogs. It is a warm novel about love with impediments. Anything can happen during the hot summer nights on the Island of Gotland. Karin is going to Gotland with her dog Sune to see Patrik and his dog Sonja so that the two dogs can mate. Karin's friends tease and refer to this trip as the "fertilization journey".



Although both Karin and Patrick decided to remain single for the rest of their life the visit causes a passion to bloom.  It is not always good between the two owners, misunderstandings are frequent and bitter fights occur. And the dogs need several breeding attempts.



Excerpt from the book: "Karin smiles when she thinks of their mission, today her beloved Sune gets to have some sex for the first time. Or actually, a lot of sex. The whole idea of ​​this trip is that he will be a father to a litter of curly little puppies. They will not be larger than guinea pigs when they are born but eventually they will be really big dogs with big earflaps. As Sune. Sune is four years and has never before been used for breeding, but Karin think it will be fun to let him try. Since he is a purebred dog with a fine pedigree it makes the choice even better because if all goes well and Sune decides to get at it with Sonja she can sell the puppies for a large sum."




330 pages




"A sensitive, at times realistic drama about love."


Lotta Olsson, DN



"A grumpy love that takes off"


Leena Valtonen, Bonniers Bokklubb