Thomas Erikson


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The Czech Rep: Nakladatelství Brána

The Netherlands: Queriedo

Poland: REA

Spain: Siruela

Sweden: Massolit

Sara Leijon is brutally raped by four men a late night in December and when she finally manages to break free she thinks that the worst is over. Little does she know that it’s only the beginning. Alex King and Nina Mander tries to help Sara through the testing rape trial, but none of them were prepared for just how strongly the situation would affect them. For Alex King this case brings memories from his past, a past he had hoped was left behind.


438 pages 




“Atrocity is one of the most thrilling and shocking novels I’ve read in a long time." - Annika Bengtsson, Hallandsposten


"This is a very well written, good, exciting and interesting book! But it is also realistically scary. It is impossible reading this book without bringing up a lot of feelings and I have a hard time imagining anyone reading this without being emotional." - Mysterierna


"This bring out all of our prejudice and forces us to take a  scrutinize ourself." Åsa Bonelli

"Atrocity brings up a subject I normally try to stay away from simply because I find it so rough to deal with. With this in mind I still couldn't but the book down until the last page" - Aktiv media


"It's poignant and it's painful. Alex King also gets the chance to show what he is capable off." -


"This is one of the best crime thrillers I've read this year. It completely captivated me, partly due to the subject that is very current but also how well written the suspense is." Sladdertackans bokblogg


"It is very realistic. It is a frightening book that is still  important and a story I wish all young people would read." - Bokmalen


"Crime and punishment, atrocity and consequences but not a lot of grace and mercy in this well written thriller about human and inhuman behavior. We should talk more about each other and the life that is also hurting us." Dag Sandahl