The Ice Fisherman (Isfiskaren)

Anna Ihrén

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Sweden: MIMA (Audiobook: Word Audio Publishing)

Germany: HarperCollins

When the research ship Idun is bound to the harbour in Smögens on a early winter morning the scientist manager Kaj Malmberg is found murdered in his cabin.


The scandal becomes critical for the principle at the university, Regina Löfdahl, since Kaj Malmberg was suppose to hand out the most prestigious award for Marine research at the Smögen seaside resort that same night.
Dennis Wilson and Sandra Haraldsson are pulled into a murder investigation that jeopardizes both their partnership but also important global relations.


Even after protests the Idun expedition gets to continue its journey up the coast to Svalbard in Norway. Did the murderer go ashore on Smögen or is he still on the ship?


Could it really be that an event that took place during the long and cold winters during the second world war has an effect on the case?



This is the second book in the Smögen Murders series.


Pages: 335





"The environmental descriptions are well made. Those who love the archipelago will enjoy entering the story Ihrén has created once again on Smögen. The new thing this time is the almost thriller-like additions to the story which spices up the otherwise traditional crime novel."

Kerstin, Crimegarden