The Languages of Love - Your Guide to Happy Relationships

Written by Åsa Nyvall & Helene Arkhem


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The successful book on how to communicate love.

Have you ever noticed that you in some relationships feel seen and beloved, while in others you never manage to feel that way?  You act in the same way but with different results. Ever wondered what may be the cause?

There are five different Love Languages to be learned and this is the book that will teach you how to use them.

It’s about our different love languages and more importantly - our different ways of giving and receiving love and appreciation and how it affects us. Once you know your primary language - you will also learn how to create and keep loving and important relationships. You’ll also find out why it so often doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.

The Languages of Love - Your Guide to Happy Relationships is a book that will provide you with a completely new look at yourself and your relationships. And that includes all relations – to both your partner, your children, your parents, friends and you colleagues.


About the authors:


Åsa Nyvall is an educated therapist, couple’s therapist and conversation coach. She is a popular lecturer that deliver appreciated lectures on the Languages of Love. Åsa is also a yoga teacher, specializing in yin yoga. She previously wrote the book Mativation (Motivation = Food-ivation in Swedish) together with Annika Sjöö. Åsa lives in Gothenburg with her daughter.

Helene Arkhem is a journalist with focus on relationships, life balance and personal development. She is managing editor at the health magazine ToppHälsa. On the side of work she studies psychosynthesis at HumaNova. Helene has previously written several books, among others is the book The Bonus Family. She lives in Stockholm and is married with three children.


Pages: 272


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