Killing your darlings

Lena Matthijs

killing your darlings

Rights sold

Sweden: Hjalmarsson & Högberg

An elderly couple living in a small cottage in the forest disappear and it will take months before they are missing by anyone. The Deputy police in the county of  Borås get the matter on his table and after a few days of searching with dogs in the forests the police switches focus; evidence will show that this not only a matter of a disappearance – a strong suspicion of crime, but is it fraud or murder. A rather confused young man becomes interesting for the investigation. He has sold the couple’s car and money has been sent abroad. But what seems to be the most obvious truth is only what someone wants us to see. And without dead bodies it is hard to investigate a murder.


480 pages



"If you just intend to read one crime novel this year – choose Lena Matthijs Killing Your Darlings."

Bloog. En Lundabos Betraktelser


Author photo by Pernilla Rudenwall