You are my Best Friend and I Love to come over to you for Dinner (Du är min bästa vän och jag tycker så mycket om att komma på middag hos dig)

Martina Haag & Clara Block Hane


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Sweden: Bonnier Fakta



This is a cookbook to give to your best friend. Or rather, this is a cookbook to give all your best friends. Or indeed: to everyone who ever invites you to dinner - or should buy you dinner. It is also a book that is your best friend: to cheer you up and make you laugh, serve you ideas that makes life easier and more fun, and also would hold your hand when you try something unknown and new.


Clara and Martina's cooking is unpretentious and is more of a way to socialize while making a scientific experiment to solve, with groceries from nearest store. How do you make the most delicious sourdough pizza.


What is the fastest cake, and how to make the most popular Korean meatballs and the most delicious sorbet of overripe strawberries?


The food is seasonally based, casual and festive, like life itself. The book tells in pictures and text about the whole year - from poor man days of January to the New Year party.


In between the chapters the two chefs invite their mothers for lunch and let them talk for ages about how it was when they were young without interrupting them, remembering times like:


"Mom I happened to bring my entire football team home to dinner and we're all super hungry"


Martina Haag and Clara Block Hane have known each other since they were children and have cooked countless meals together.


Food for days when you want to have a dinner with friends or food for when you are on adventures in the wilderness, or preparing for jogging. Asian everyday cooking, the best meals for easter, summer, fall and winter. The best meals signed by Martina and Clara.