The Crown Jewels. A Family Saga. (Kronjuvelerna)

Carina Dahl


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Sweden: Pocketförlaget


Fernández Fernández, comes to Sweden from Spain in the late fifties. On the bus to his new job at the shoe factory, he finds the first draft of August Strindberg's Inferno, and at the same time he meets his future wife - Marianne. The night when the couple’s first child is born, the daughter Fragancia, another child is born – the son of the shofactory’s Director, Richard Persson. By accident the midwife gives Fernández the boy and Director Persson the girl. In the scuffle that occurs when director Persson takes his boy back the child falls and the newborn boy hits the floor and bangs his head badly. Richard survives thanks to a silver plate riveted inside the frontal bone. For director Persson, Richard is a disappointment, this wounded boy will never be the son he had expected. While Fragancia is received like a gift from the gods by her parents. From day one, the two “crown jewels” Fragancia’s and Richard’s fates will be intertwined.


The young Fragancia grows up in a poor but loving home and will be a very good hockey player. She tackles to train the charming butcher’s son Petterson-Jansson. In Richard Persons wealthy home, everyday life is marked by violence and discontent, he will be a tough and cynical person, but is secretly in love with Fragancia who is hopelessly in love with Petterson-Jansson. Inspired by August Strindberg's Inferno her dad Fernández struggles in his simplicity to produce their own gold. Everyone is waiting for the magic and monstrous to happen, but what will it be? People's lives are lined with disasters and happiness and yes the unimaginable wonder happens!


The Crown Jewels. A family saga by Carina Dahl is an adult fairy tale a colorful family saga about family Fernández and their marvelous circle of friends. Parts of the story has been filmed. A great movie called "The Crown Jewels". Here is room for several generation’s stories but the two main characters – Fragancia and Richard are there from beginning and to the end. when the magic and outrageous finally happens. It is sparkling with mythological elements and magic realism. The plot is improbable probable, there is originality in the linguistic structuring, and the story holds poetic reflections on life's big questions. Myths that are woven into the story and amplifies everything that happens.


The Crown Jewels are unique but could be compared to Gabriel GarcÍa Márquez One Hundred Years of Solitude and April Witch by Maj-Gull Axelsson. Many of the formulations about life are so lovely and true that the reader begins to collect them. The Crown Jewels have touched readers so much that they felt it has renewed their understanding of the world. That is a rare and great accomplishment!


320 + 350 pages



"Love, friendship, eroticism and nature, all blend into the same in this story where Carina Dahl with great skill portrays both the overall vulnerability and strength that love provides."

Östgöta Correspondenten


"Saw the movie and instantly fell in love. Then fell in love with the books that is what I call adult fairy tales. They have the most unlikely elements in it, but that makes the stories of love and grief becomes something extraordinary and make the imagination work."



"A burlesque family tale wrapped in a fairy-tale shimmer, speaking beautifully about the great love, the soul, and yes, sadness. A successful and skillfully composed book ."

Dagens bok, blogg


"The Crown Jewels are not gold or costly stones, but all the people who are different in any way. All misunderstood people are the real crown jewels."

Emma Lemhagen, director of the film The Crown Jewels