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Liselotte Roll is a freelance journalist and has previously worked for newspapers and Swedish Radio as a scriptwriter. She is also a qualified marine archaeologist, and while working on a dig uncovered a pre-Incan settlement in La Rioja, Argentina, and in the process, discovered the story of the military junta's reign. These memories eventually came to form in her debut novel, Good Girls Don’t Tell. Liselotte's books have been translated to half a dozen languages and have piqued the attention of crime fiction aficionados. Critics have described her as one of the most exciting debut writers of recent years and the next Nordic queen of crime.


While embracing her love for animals and our planet she has in the recent years written several non-fiction books with a garden, animal and environmental theme.


Liselotte Roll describes her own writing with these words:

"My writing initially sprang out of some misery, I'm afraid. I would probably never have been a writer or especially a dark minded crime writer if I hadn't grown up with an alcoholic parent and had some issues to dig into. With that said, I am a very happy and calm person nowadays living a quite normal suburban life far from the lives of the tortured souls in my books. I write with the feeling that each new book is like taking a plunge into the unknown. It´s scary but very rewarding and hopefully I will be able to experience many more dives in the years to come."


Liselotte lives in a Stockholm suburb with her family.



2020 - Grow for Insects (Odla för insekter), non-fiction

2019 - Chickens as a Hobby (Höns som hobby) non-fiction

2017 -  Brothers (Bröder), fiction

2014 - Eenie Meeine Die (Ole Dole Död), fiction

2013 - Good Girls Don't Tell (Tredje Graden), fiction



Short blurbs about Liselotte Roll's writing:


"The exquisite descriptions of the bleak, harsh, frozen Swedish landscape adds volumes to this incredibly well thought out story." -


"I choose a rainy, dark Sunday to read this. It was perfect." - nordic noir blog



Author photo: Pär Åkesson

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